Why should you choose Stellaviaiton? What is our expertise?

StellAviation is a professional aviation consulting company with special focus on the business of commercial pilot recruiting service from A to Z. Our company is dedicated to be your first choice for pilot career development in China.

Our professional staffs from the airline industry and commercial aviation sectors will help all candidates to maximize their advantage and enhance their competitiveness. We are able to provide professional training and consulting services in a wide range of areas.

StellAviation provides pilot recruitment and consultancy services to almost every carrier in China. Since China’s airline industry has been growing dramatically, Stellaviation is becoming a popular company by guiding foreign pilots to successfully pass the screening process, smoothly settle down in China and be fully onboard for China’s flying career eventually.

We carry expertise in:

1: Professional Simulator Check Training for multiple aircraft types
(Conducted by experienced Wide-body check pilot)

2: Professional Health Check Solution Plan
(Conducted by experienced check pilot and aviation medical professionals)

3: China ATPL Exam Training
(ATPL Exam Coverage and Trial Test will be provided)

4: Pre-screening and Consulting Service
(Conducted by check pilot and Aviation Professionals)

5: Excellent Coordination and Ground Support during the Screening Process in China
(Our China’s representative will accompany every candidate selected by China’s carriers during the screening process)

6: Strong Negotiation Team to Maximize Your Potential and Value in China
(We guarantee your valued experience will be maximized and you will get paid with the top tier salary in airline industry)

7: Legal and Housing Service in China
(Our Chinese agency is able to provide additional services in legal and housing in a wide range of areas)

Our Professional Staffs and Networks

Professional Pilot Staffs:

Experienced wide-body check pilots from reputational airlines, carrying an average total flying hours of more than 10,000 hours.

Aviation Consulting Professionals:

Experienced and knowledgeable aviation professionals from international organizations and Chinese aviation sectors. Based on the resume of each candidate, we will provide you with the best career development solution plan.

Network and Relationship:

Solid and strong connections with Chinese carriers in order to provide every candidate with  unique job resources and advantage.

We believe you understand our competitiveness and advantage, Please contact us if you want to further develop your pilot career and maximize your value.